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Periscope put light where you want it





The Periscope Book Light in a Bookcover

  Microfiber Green Folio

 Pink Folio

Flip For Kindle & nook

Periscope® reading lights are ingenious answers to a common dilemma faced by travelers, commuters and late-night readers: how to illuminate a book in dark places without cords, clips or clutter. The Periscope® Book Light in a Bookcover introduced the concept of a single, lightweight design that integrates a superb, retractable reading light inside a luxurious bookcover. Never again will you need to remember to pack, or search for your book light, because it always stays with the book you're reading. Plus, your book and your privacy are protected. Enlighten yourself now.


The Periscope® Cover+Lighted Folio is now available for the Amazon Kindle Touch, Kindle Wi-Fi, Barnes & Noble nook Simple Touch, and Sony PRS-T1 eReader Devices!




Periscope Pink Lighted Folio for Kindle Keyboard & gen. 2, Barnes & Noble nook and Sony Daily Edition! Also available in Black and Blue.




Periscope Flip Cover+Light for Kindle Keyboard & gen. 2, nook, and the Daily Edition. Also available for the larger sized Amazon Kindle DX - new Colors added! NOW AVAILABLE for the Kindle Touch, Kindle Wi-Fi, Barnes & Noble nook Simple Touch and Sony PRS-T1.

Kindle DX in Portfolio

Reader's Gift Set Red

Other products that "put light where you want it" include the Periscope® Executive Lighted Portfolio that includes a writing pad, expandable document compartment, zippered storage, and pockets for business cards and a calculator. Also makes a perfect cover for the Amazon Kindle DX.



What a simple yet brilliant concept! It makes my bookish heart sigh wistfully just thinking of how many more books I would have been able to read if only someone had come up with this product years earlier.
 A Book Bloggers Diary


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